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Bandito Slot 2

EFootball? 2024 Apk 8.0.0 Download for Android

Slot Bandito

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EFootball ™” -  An evolutionary version of "PES"

This is a brand new era of digital football: "PES" has now evolved into "eFootball" ™”!

 Now, you can use eFootball ™” Experience the next generation of football games!

[Gaming style]

■ Build your own dream team

In addition to Barcelona Football Club, Manchester United Football Club, Bayern Munich Football

 Club In addition to AC Milan Football Club, Inter Milan Football Club, and other European football

 powerhouses, you can also use the latest uniforms and badges from national teams, South American, 

 Japanese football leagues, and club teams around the world to brand your team!

■ Signed players

After creating the team, it's time to sign some players! From current superstars to football legends, sign players and take your team to new heights!

List of special players

You can sign special players here, such as outstanding players in actual matches, players in special leagues, and game legends!

List of Standard Players

You can select and sign your favorite player here. You can also use sorting and filtering functions to narrow down your search scope.

List of Managers

Here, you can sign a manager who excels in various tactical methods and has different coach affinities.


Once you have formed a team consisting of your favorite players, it's time to take them on the field.

From testing your skills with artificial intelligence to competing for rankings in online competitions 

and enjoying eFootball in the way you enjoy it ™!

Hone your skills in VS AI competitions

There are various activities that match the real-world football calendar, including "beginner" events

 for beginners, as well as events where you can play against teams from well-known leagues. Build a dream team that matches the theme of the event and participate!

Test your skills in user competitions

Enjoy partition based eFootball ™  Real time competition between leagues and various weekly activities.

 Can you lead your Dream Team to the peak of the first division?

Play up to 3 on 3 matches with friends

Use the friend competition feature to compete with your friends. Show them the true face of your carefully crafted team!

We also offer up to 3 on 3 cooperative competitions. Enjoy intense football matches with your friends!

Player development

According to the type of player, it is possible to further cultivate signed players.

By allowing players to participate in competitions and using a "level training program" 

(which can be obtained as activity rewards), players can improve their level. Once your players upgrade,

 you can use the available "progress points" to further develop their abilities. Assign progress points to 

 specific categories, such as "shooting," "dribbling," or "defense," and the relevant player statistics will increase.

If you are unsure which category to cultivate players in, you can also use the [Auto Assign] function to automatically assign progress points to you.

Train players according to your preferences!

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