3:04 Wearing of colors at non RKMC events

The wearing of the Red Knight International Firefighters Motorcycle Club colors
at non RKMC events is approved when the members are taking part/supporting in a
lawful event sponsored by other clubs/organizations.

RKMC members should follow the rules/guidelines of the sponsoring
club/organizations and shall not bring any disrespect to the Red Knights International
Firefighters Motorcycle Club.

Approved 4/14/2007

3:05 Wearing of the Colors

Each member will be allowed to wear the Club uniform and patches whenever
he/she is riding or at other times, but will not do anything to DISCREDIT it. No abuse
of alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs while riding a motorcycle and wearing
any Red Knights clothing or apparel that will identify that person as a member of the
Red Knights will be tolerated.

The Official International Crest and Rockers will be worn on the back of the vest.
The front of the vest may have name tags and/or rank insignias of the person wearing
the vest.

All other markings are to be in good taste and consistent with the image of the Red Knights.

Some suggested Dos and Don'ts from the Motorcycle World.

1. Colors will be treated with respect at all times
2. Only adult members shall wear the colors
3. Colors are to be worn on the outermost garment
4. At no time shall the Colors touch the ground
5. Colors will be placed in a "face down" position
6. Colors will never be yielded to a non-member
7. Colors are not to be worn when working in a bar/tavern (as this many cause
problems with other clubs because it tends to identify the bar/tavern as a club holding)

3:06 Wearing of Logo

The International Logo may be silk screen or embroidered on the back of a
jacket, tee shirt, sweatshirt, sweater or jacket. The design first must be approved and a
trade mark license agreement obtained.

The official three piece patch of the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club
may not worn on anything but the back of the vest.